About us

Meet Shann. Ind. and its subsidy Shann. Electronics.  

 Shann. is a new small business that with in reason, explores the bounders of scientific

research and applyed physics with innovative thought, imagination and with the understanding 

of the basics of to-day.

 Every one like Bell Labs to Microsoft has had there menial start. This is where Shann. is.

  But in the future remember the name Shann. so you can say, " Wow ! I knew them

when they were starting.

 Shann. Ind. is a Register Trade Name and Trade Mark.

 Thank you for your interest and your visit to this modest site. And once again

remember that name.


                                                                   Shann. Ind.

                                                                   Somersworth, N.H.

E-mail  shann@scientificresearch.comcastbiz.net